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Why are eyelash extensions in Northbrook IL so popular? Perhaps it’s because women like the way longer eyelashes boost self-confidence. Have you heard about the newest beauty trend that women all over the US are trying? False eyelashes are totally different from long lasting volume eyelash extensions. Imagine waking every morning to see longer and thicker lashes each time you look at the mirror. Wouldn’t that be a great feeling knowing that this is how you can feel day after day? Thousands of women in the United States can say they have including celebrities like Beyonce, Katy Perry and the Kardashians. They have all the confidence is the world, so isn’t it about time that they share some of it? Now, Northbrook 60062, 60065 women can get lash extensions close to home from Chicago Lashes Salon. Tel: 224.817-4940.

Affordable Eyelash Extensions Northbrook IL Will Love

Northbrook, IL Area Eyelash Extensions

These top Eyelash extensions are a quick, easy and safe way to enhance your lash’s natural beauty and may be more convenient than you think. We recently opened our salon close to Northbrook, just minutes from Old Orchard Mall and 15 minutes from Northbrook, so next time you’re shopping in the area be sure to stop by and see what we have to offer. Although there are many eyelash places to consider, our team has very experienced lash experts.

What Are the Advantages of Eyelash Extensions?

Unlike false eyelashes, these extensions will save you time and money over the long run. You will no longer have to struggle to find the lashes that look the best on you or be constantly frustrated by eyelash glue that seems to stick to everything that you don’t want it to. Our professional eyelash stylists have experience picking the right length and width for your eye shape and will make you feel more confident in no time. We offer a full range of eyelash extensions which cater to your own personal lash style and will be customized to your look, whether it is individual lash extensions or a full set. Many women also find that their lash extensions are more lightweight and comfortable than self applied false eyelashes. So much so, you might even be surprised the first time someone tells you that your eyelashes look amazing.


What Time of Year Is Best for Northbrook IL Lash Extensions?

Any time is a great time to stop on in and ask us about our services. Are you always on the go like we are? Eyelash extensions let you focus on the important things like making that Arts Commission or Economic Development Committee meeting on time, running errands around Northbrook or getting to know your newest neighbors, all while knowing your lashes look perfect. Tired of your eye makeup running from heat of summer and the harsh winds of winter? No matter the time of year, you deserve perfect looking lashes without the hassle. Your day can be as productive as possible when you don’t have to stop and check your makeup at every mirror. Eyelash extensions are water and sweat proof so you won’t have to worry about mascara smudges halfway through your busy day.

What Materials Are Chicago Lashes Eyelash Extensions Made From?

Our eye lash extensions are made from high quality materials that compliment your own eyelashes, causing them to look completely real and not over the top or cheap. We use three different types of extensions including silk, synthetic milk, plus real mink. The main difference between these different extensions materials are their weight, although none of them would be any heavier than false eyelashes.

The most popular type of last extension right now is mink. These extensions will give you the fullest and most natural look possible and come from the mink tail. These light and soft extensions are known to be more comfortable than silk lashes and are best for those who want to use lash extensions for an extended period of time. Another type of extension that we offer is faux mink. These give you many of the same benefits that real mink would, and do not lose their curl when they get wet.

Silk eyelash extensions, also known as synthetic lashes, are good for women who are looking for lash extensions for short term use or a special occasion. They are perfect for getting pictures taken, weddings, dances or any other occasion where plenty of compliments won’t hurt. Chicago Lashes are slightly heavier and much fuller than mink lashes with a very dramatic, permanent curl. Lash care is very simple.

Eyelash extensions are completely safe and are applied with FDA approved glue. Unlike fake eyelashes that you glue directly to your eyelid -which can cause more serious problems and is far more dangerous for your eye.  Each eyelashes extension are glued to your individual lashes and neither the extension nor the glue ever comes in contact with your skin. The result is longer, thicker lashes without the clumping that many mascara brands often do.

Eyelash extensions in Northbrook from Chicago Lashes can last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. Can you imagine not having to apply fake lashes or mascara for that amount of time and still having longer, darker and thicker lashes? At the end of these few weeks the extensions will fall off just as a natural eyelash would at the end of your body’s eyelash cycle. To keep your eyelashes looking -just done- for the longest amount of time possible all you have to do is use water based makeup remover, as oil based removers will loosen the glue.

How Long Do Northbrook area Eyelash Extensions Take to Apply?

Possibly the best part of eyelash extensions is how quickly they can transform your look. Our friendly professionals will make you feel relaxed and at home in our clean and comfortable salon. For the amount of time it would take to go shopping at a few stores, you can have lash extensions enhance your natural lash and boost your confidence. The first lash application only takes 2-3 hours and monthly touch ups can take even less than that!

 Chicago Lashes offers the top Northbrook eyelash extensions services at close by Skokie at our salon, next to Old Orchard Mall. Get the best lash services today.