Bombshell Lash Sealer


Bombshell Lash Sealer

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A top quality lash sealer to get you the Bombshell look you desire!

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What Bombshell Lash Sealer for Eyelash Extensions Does:

  • Creates a thin film, strong enough to protect your eyelash extensions not letting the adhesive wear out.
  • Strengthens the bound of your eyelash extensions.
  • If applied daily significantly increases the life of your eyelash extensions.
  • Lash sealant protects eyelash extensions from harsh elements such as water, wind, heat and humid weather.

6 reviews for Bombshell Lash Sealer

  1. Lillybeth

    This sealant is way better than the expensive stuff at the makeup store. I wanted my eyelash extensions to last a few more weeks longer and this product totally did the trick!

  2. Stephanie M.

    This product totally helped my eyelash extensions to last longer than ever before. I play sports a lot and needed something to protect my lashes. It was easy to put on and the price is right!

  3. Allison Crane

    I took the eyelash extensions training class at Chicago Lashes and the sealer was included in the kit. I really like learning how to do lashes at this salon because they explained everything. This lash product makes the eyelash extensions I use on my clients last a lot longer and they make a huge difference how how the lashes look. I’m hooked!

  4. Rachel

    There are so many eyelash products out there that make wild promises but this one really works well. I like that there is a little mascara want to brush the sealer over my natural lashes. I’ve noticed a huge difference.

  5. Aileen

    I got my lashes done at Chicago Lashes Skokie and bought this sealer after my appointment. Moon was my lash lady and gave me the double eyelashes look. The thing that’s so great about this eyelash extensions sealer is that it goes on clear and dries pretty fast. Since all of their products are formaldehyde free, I know I won’t have to worry about allergies. Great overall salon and services!

  6. Morgan Polzin

    My boyfriend got my a certificate for here for our anniversary… And all I have to say is BEST GIFT EVER! I always wanted lash extensions and I am so happy I did it! My lashes look fabulous and I am normally a falsie lash wear-er and this completely blew those out of the water! Christina was the lady who I worked with and she was fantastic! I am telling everyone about this because it really made me feel gorgeous! I love the lashes and I suggest this to anyone that wants to feel even more beautiful!

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