Eyelash Extension Training Classes 2019/2020

Eyelash Extension Training Classes 2019/2020


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Chicago Lashes offers online registration for your convenience, and there is an option to pay with paypal. The total cost of the course is $1,100 per student, and we require $550 deposit (non-refundable!). If you pay the whole amount up front you get $100 discount! So the whole course will cost you only $1000!

We distribute eyelash extension kits for students to use during the training. The kit includes all materials you will need, including eye pads, tweezers, lashes, glues, and so on. We also offer lunch. Our eyelash extension classes are held in a casual environment, and the small size of classes is a definite benefit. This means personalized and individualized training for each student, making it easier to master basic and more advanced techniques.

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November 2nd 2019, November 13th 2019, November 20th 2019, November 27th 2019, December 7th 2019, December 18th 2019, January 8th 2020, January 22nd 2020, January 29th 2020, February 1st 2020, February 12th 2020, February 19th 2020, February 26th 2020, March 11th 2020, March 14th 2020, March 18th 2020, March 25th 2020, April 1st 2020, April 11th 2020, April 15th 2020, April 22nd 2020, November 6th/7th 2019, November 20th/21st 2019, December 4th/5th 2019, December 11th/12th 2019, December 18th/19th 2019, January 15th/16th 2020, February 5th/6th 2020, March 4th/5th 2020, April 8th/9th 2020


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