Sexy Eyes: Eyes Are The Most Important Facial Feature

They don’t call the eyes the windows to the soul for no reason. When going to a bar and seeking out a date, or even when swiping around on your favorite dating app, there are specific features that you look for in a person. The prettier those features, the more attractive you’ll find them. Scientific research from 2014 reports that there are five features that people will go gaga over: your smile, your hair, your stomach, your breasts, and your eyes. Other research that delved deeper into the eyes as an attractive feature found that of 1,000 men and women, many agreed that the eyes are the biggest determining factor in terms of physical attractiveness.

All said, that easily makes eyes your most important facial feature. Whether you’re trying to find someone to date, you want to wow your significant other, or you just want to feel better about yourself, this is good information to know. However, you can always whiten your smile, get a haircut, do some extra crunches, and wear a complimentary bra. Besides colored contacts to alter your eye hue, which can be itchy, expensive, and annoying, you can’t really do much to change your eyes.

Well, so you thought. While a nice tube of mascara and a palette of flattering eye shadow is always good to have in your makeup arsenal, to really make your eyes stand out, you should consider getting eyelash extensions. No matter the natural color of your eyes, whether a pale blue, a strong teal, a soft hazel, a chocolate brown, or even a light green, the hue is beautiful as it is. All of these can be extenuated and made to look more prominent with a good set of extensions.

Forget the cheap, full sets of funky lashes that you’ve seen at the drug store. A beauty salon technician applies faux nylon or synthetic fiber eyelash extensions one by one, filling in sparse areas or lengthening all your lashes. The adhesive glue used will stick to the real lashes in less than a minute. As your own eyelashes naturally shed, which happens about every two months, you will lose the extensions. However, all of them won’t fall out, only about half. As long as you visit your salon on a monthly basis, you can get replacements for the lashes that have fallen out.

The first time that you have eyelash extensions applied over your real lashes, expect to stay at the salon for at least two hours, sometimes even three. Each time you have to visit for replacement lashes, it should take far less time, typically between 30 minutes to an hour. Always ask about the types of extensions used and what’s in the adhesive glue to prevent allergic reactions. Otherwise, you can forget about applying eyelash-lengthening mascara in hopes of achieving large, fluttery eyes since yours will already be gorgeous.

The eyes will always be one the most important facial features, and clearly one in which both men and women find very, very attractive. If you want your eyes to be one of the first features that others notice about you, consider getting eyelash extensions.  Check out our lashes salon in Chicago or our Lashes Salon Skokie.

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