How to Make Eyes Look Bigger

How to Make Eyes Bigger

Did you know there are several fun ways to make eyes look bigger that can be totally safe? The following six ways are very useful. Psychologists learned by studying human and animal babies that big, beautiful, round eyes are attractive to everyone. This is a survival mechanism because according to the report from the National Institutes of Health, babies with cute faces are more likely to receive care from adults. This also is why toy manufacturers make stuffed teddy bears with charming big eyes. In general, men respond to women with big eyes because it is a neotenous feature, which is a sign of fertility. All things being equal, you could see a Hypnotist to stop smoking or lose weight and make those eyes look even bigger. Ask about the Chicago Microblading eyebrow tattoo service provided at our salon.

Unfortunately, not everyone is born with large gorgeous eyes. Nevertheless, the attractiveness of the eyes may be enhanced when one knows how to do this by trimming eyebrows, using eye makeup, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and most importantly eyelash extensions.

Here are the six easy ways for how to make your eyes look Bigger

1. Eyebrows
Very thin eyebrows do not make eyes look bigger. Eyebrows should start in alignment with the outer edge of each nostril (use a pencil to locate the spot), then arch upwards and outwards, with the peak of the arch at the 3/4 point going towards the outside edge of the eyes. Eyebrows should extend past the outer edge of the eyes to frame the eyes properly. Mark the shape of the eyebrow using an eyebrow pencil. Pluck stray hairs and trim eyebrows to be 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick.

2. Eye Makeup
Use a foundation that matches the skin tone and makeup cover to make sure no dark circles are visible under the eyes.

3. Eyeliner
Use eyeliner sparingly. Do not apply it completely encircling the eyes. Use black eyeliner just below the eyelash line on the lower lid. Start just below the center of the eye and draw the line to the outer corner. Do not extend the line to the inner corner of the eye. Apply a very thin line of white eyeliner on the rim below the eye (also called the wet line). For the upper lid, close the eye, and then start in the inner corner using black eyeliner. Draw a line that meets the lower lid line in the outer corner of the eye and ends past the edge of the eye in an upward curve. Make sure to match both eyes exactly for symmetry.

4. Eye Shadow
Avoid the “smoky” look when trying to make the eyes look larger. Use a lighter shade of eye shadow very sparingly. Use a soft white eye shadow to put a small bit of white in the curve of the inner corner of the eyes.

5. Mascara
Curl upper eyelashes with an eyelash curler, and then apply mascara.

6. Eyelash Extensions
The best way to improve the look of the eyes and to make them appear bigger is to have eyelash extensions installed by a professional cosmetologist. The dramatic change in the before and after photographs of those who have eyelash extensions is amazing!
Now you know how to have big beautiful eyes. Many, including Shakespeare and others said, “The eyes are the portal to the soul.” A study by neuroscientists at the University of Chicago, found that when looking for a longer-term relationship and a loving “soul mate” both males and females gaze deeply into each other’s eyes.

If your a salon professional, you can always learn how to do eyelash extensions. Use these techniques and treat yourself with professionally installed eyelash extensions to make sure your beautiful eyes get the attention they deserve. Converse with our makeup specialists in Chicago about ways to get bigger eyes.