Things you need to know about eyelash extensions

With new varieties of mascara coming out nearly every week, it’s such a hassle to decide which product works best for you.

Then comes the problem choosing between dry or clumpy mascara, choosing the right wands, and even figuring out which color of mascara will work best for your skin tones. Imagine dealing with all of that every single day. Wouldn’t it be nice to just have natural, long and full eyelashes when you wake up every morning without making the effort? We know just what you’re looking for: eyelash extensions.

Is This Just A Fancy New Name For Fake Lashes?

The answer is no. Fake lashes have a more temporary nature in comparison to eyelash extensions and are especially designed to be won for a day or two at a time. These fake eyelashes cannot be worn while showering or swimming, and also need to be taken off when sleeping.

Fake lashes can be made with a number of materials and are also known as temporary lashes. The false lashes are applied using a lash glue specifically designed for them.

How Are Eyelash Extensions Different?

Designed for use up to 8 weeks if applied and used properly, semi-permanent lashes or eyelash extensions use a stronger adhesive to give the lashes a more lasting effect. The adhesive used in the application of eyelash extensions has been created using safety and health regulations in mind and does not cause irritation.

With eyelash extensions, you can easily feign a makeup look without making any effort. During application, the extension lash and the glue should not touch the eyelid. Eyelash extensions, however, can fall off earlier than they should if oil-based makeup is used. This is because makeup and eye makeup removers which have oil can affect the strength of the bond between the lash and the extension. Eyelash extensions can also fall off if you rub them too much.

Types Of Eyelash Extensions

There are plenty of available options when it comes to eyelash extensions. The process of applying eyelash extensions may take varying amounts of time depending on the color, fullness, thickness and length of the extensions you wish to use. The number of lashes added too varies. Generally, one lash extension is added per existing lash to maintain a natural look. There are also plenty of textures to choose from when it comes to lash extensions. Volume lashes is a popular way to get many lashes on a single lash.

There are three broad categories of eyelash extensions apart from human hair. The options for eyelash extensions include synthetic lashes, mink lashes and silk eyelash extensions. The size of the eyelash extension can be anywhere between 6mm and 17mm.

How Are Eyelash Extensions Done?

After selection of the right texture and length, each eyelash is applied separately. Since some variations of the glue used to apply eyelashes may irritate certain people, there are also different types of glue available for the purpose.

The application of eyelash extensions can take between two to three hours during which it is essential to keep eyes closed the entire time. Touch-ups may be required for eyelash extensions since the extended eyelash may fall off with the natural lash. Additionally, it is important to prevent the eyelash extensions from getting wet during the first 24 hours since it may take up to an entire day for the glue to properly set. An added benefit to eyelashes extension is semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo.

Can I Use Makeup With Eyelash Extensions?

It is possible to use mascara and other makeup with eyelash extensions but it is recommended to only use mascara on the tips of the extensions. Using mascara at the tips very gently will be enough to get your desired look. If you apply mascara where your eyelash extensions were glued on to your natural lashes, it will most likely get clumpy.

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

The stylist applying your eyelash extensions should ensure that no glue is applied to your eyelid. Since your eyes are closed throughout the process of application, there are also no chances of any adhesive going inside your eyes.

Another common concern when talking about eyelash extensions is whether they will affect natural lashes in any way. Eyelash extensions, when applied properly by a trained stylist, will not harm your natural lashes in any way.

Can I Apply Eyelash Extensions By Myself?

It is generally not recommended to apply eyelash extensions unless you are a trained professional. There are a number of tools required in the application process and since you need to keep your eyes shut, it isn’t exactly a good idea to attempt to apply eyelash extensions to your own eyelashes. However, if you wish to apply extensions to anyone else, it is suggested that you do so only after getting proper training.

What Is Eyelash Extension Training?

Eyelash extension training is a specialized course designed to walk you through the basics and intricacies of eyelash extensions. Eyelash extension training covers the safety procedures you must follow to apply eyelash extensions properly. A comprehensive eyelash extension training course will be complete with product education and tips for maintenance, styling, and reconstruction.

A good eyelash extension training will also help attendees learn about the best eyelash textures and shapes for each facial type. Those who attend the eyelash extension training will also learn about the types of eyelash extensions which will suit best to a certain scenario.

Why Should I Join Eyelash Extension Training?

Eyelash extension training is ideal for anyone who wants to learn about eyelash extensions and would like to be able to do them professionally. Not only will being trained improve your skill set, but attendees will also gain a lot of hands on experience with the tools, materials, and equipment used in the process of applying semi-permanent eyelashes.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Enthusiasts from all over the country can visit Chicago Lashes in Skokie, Illinois for eyelash extension training with the best and most highly trained professionals.