Lash Lift in Chicago, IL.

Consider a lash lift at Chicago Lashes to bring about incredible looking eyes. Are you tired of lackluster lashes? Would you love to give your eyelashes a fuller look without eyelash extensions?  This semi-permanent process gives you fuller, beautiful eyelashes lasting around eight weeks.

Understanding the Lash Lift

Remember hair perms? A lash lift is the same thing, but for your lashes. It lifts your eyelashes up, giving them a natural, beautiful curl and fullness. Say goodbye to mornings tortured with eyelash curlers and layers of mascara. You’ll wake with beautiful eyelashes ready to help you slay the day.

Your eyelashes will ‘pop’ with a lift. Want a little something more? Some clients also opt for a lash tint – another way to give your eyelashes a pop of color without wearing mascara. Can you say low maintenance mornings? Yes please.

The lift process differs for each client. What are you trying to achieve?

  • Do you want fanned out eyelashes?
  • Do your eyelashes sag and need a boost?
  • Do a deeper curl?
  • Do you want eyelashes with a natural tint?

Our Chicago Lash Lift Services

We start with a consultation. We ask questions to understand the look you want. Based on your answers, we choose an appropriately sized rod. The rod determines your lashes shape. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. You customize the look you desire.

After our discussion, we prepare your eyelashes. Eyelashes must be clean and dry for the process to work. We place a silicone pad on your upper eyelid. This protects the eyelid and gives a surface to start the lift process.

Next, we use a safe adhesive to glue your lashes to the pad. This begins the process. Once adhered, we apply a lash-curling solution to each set of lashes. The amount and type we apply depends on the look desired. The process may last from 30 to 60 minutes.

After the curling solution, we apply a setting lotion. This hardens your eyelashes and makes the curl semi-permanent. You’ll have curly eyelashes for six to eight weeks. If you wish, we can then tint, plump, or glaze your lashes to provide your desired result.

Caring for Your Lash Lift

If you are a low maintenance gal, you’ll love the little care lash lifts need. Immediately following the lift, avoid hot water and steam. This could cause a negative reaction in the chemicals. Also, avoid oil-based cleaners for at least a few weeks.

We recommend using a spoolie brush to brush your lashes before going to bed and upon waking. Much like you would brush your hair before going to bed. It gives your eyelashes a little TLC, separating them before getting your beauty sleep.

If you choose to use mascara still, use a water-based product. Make sure you remove it each night and brush your eyelashes out too.

Your natural lashes will start to grow within six to twelve weeks. It depends on your hair’s growth rate. At this point, your curl will start to fall. You don’t have to do anything special, except get another lash lift if you loved the results.

Why Choose Lash Lift at Chicago Lashes?

Are you ready to take your lashes to the top level? The professionals at Chicago Lashes are here to help. Our team of licensed professionals gives every woman that walks through our door five-star treatment. We get to know you and the look you want before we start.

We treat every client like a celebrity from start to finish. We talk you through the entire process, whether eyelash extensions or eyelash lift, ensuring your comfort and happiness throughout. We have conveniently located salons in the Chicago area, making it easy to get your lash lift where it’s most convenient for you.