Best Volume Eyelash Extensions in Chicago, IL

Have you read about volume eyelash extensions in latest celebrity fashion magazines? With the innovations introduced in the past, you just have to take advantage of the different techniques with the promise of making you look more beautiful at a cost you can afford. Regardless of whether you are going to attend a special event or you just feel like prepping up, a visit to the salon will surely be worth your time. With the abundance of the products and services you can avail, one of the most popular would be eyelash extension. Chicago Lashes is one of the favorites of many people when it comes to where they can get high quality extensions and other services for their pampering and relaxation.

Although a relatively new technology, eyelash extension has quickly gained popularity all over the globe.  Our special lash salon has invested in materials and training to help our artists aware of how the technique can be done to reap the highest level of success. Compared to fake lashes, extensions are better because they last longer and there will be no struggle on your part to put it on. Today, one of the new techniques available is Volume Eyelash Extensions from Chicago Lashes. Once you hear what it is all about, you will surely want to have one the soonest!

What is Volume Eyelash Extensions?

In the traditional techniques performed for eyelash extension, only one extension is attached to the natural eyelash at a time. With such, the total number of artificial lashes attached will only be the same as the total number of the natural lashes, which can lead into the lack of volume and life. If you want a thicker look, this is impossible.

However, with the Volume Eyelash Extensions, thicker and fuller lashes will be highly possible. A simple visit with our lash tech will allow you to have the lashes you have always wanted. This revolutionary technique will make it possible to attach up to 6 artificial lashes to each strand of the natural lash. With this, if you have 100 natural lashes per eye, you will no longer be limited to only having 100 extensions. You can have up to 500 extensions!

How It Is Done?

Before heading to the salon for your “Volume Eyelash Extensions”, it is first important to know that this is going to require an ample amount of time. If you are a busy person, it is important to find a day you will dedicate specifically for the procedure. Generally speaking, its completion will take about 2 to 3 hours, which will depend on the number of lashes you would like to add on each natural strand.
During the procedure, the first step is consultation. As you head to get your lashes done, you will be asked about your preferences, including the number of lashes you prefer. You will also be oriented about the choices you have and will be given a brief background about what you can expect during the next hours. You will then be asked to lie comfortably on the treatment bed. It will start with cleansing and will proceed with the actual application of 2 to 6 lashes per natural lash. During the procedure for Volume Eyelash Extensions, customers usually fall asleep. When you wake up, you will surely end up being surprised and amazed with how fuller your lashes look like.

After you had your Volume Eyelash Extensions, it is critical to executing the right procedures of care to maintain its best possible quality through time. 24 hours after the treatment, avoid the lashes from being wet. It should also be brushed regularly. Brushing should be done with extreme care to prevent the lashes from being ruined. Other than what will be specified by our professionals, generally speaking, maintenance and aftercare efforts will be minimal. One day after the treatment, you can proceed with all of the activities you normally do.

Because there are more lashes compared to traditional extensions, it will also take a longer time before the procedure needs to be redone. With Volume Eyelash Extensions, you can expect effects to last for almost two months, but we do suggest touch-ups every 4 weeks.

Volume Lashes applied at Chicago LashesHead Only to Experts

If the idea of having Volume Eyelash Extensions excites you, choose only a salon with an excellent reputation to do the procedure for you. Each lash lady at our location can apply thicker, fuller, and prettier eyelashes. Contact our Chicago beauty salon today for beautiful eyes.