What do You Need to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

Do you know that many ladies would choose mascara if they have the option to use only one makeup product? This speaks a lot about the obsession of having great eyelashes and a fabulous look. If you are one of those ladies who love having the longest and thickest eyelashes, we have a solution for you – eyelash extensions. The method will allow you to have gorgeous eyelashes without having to use any makeup products on them. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have to take care of your lashes though but all your “efforts” will be worthy.

If you are considering getting eyelash extensions, here are a few things that you need to know before hitting the salon:

Schedule an appointment

The first thing that you need to do is make a little research and see which salons offer eyelash extensions in your region. Read some recommendations before choosing the right salon for you. Asking a friend who has gone through the procedure for advice and recommendations is also a very good idea. Once you have chosen the salon, call and make an appointment. It is very important to spent some time with the professional applying the extensions, so that they can listen to your ideas and give you the best advice for your eyelashes. The best solution is always the customized one, so make sure that you have sufficient time in your calendar for this appointment.

Go to the appointment bare-faced

It is obvious that you should not be wearing any makeup on your appointment for getting eyelash extensions but note also that your eyelashes shouldn’t be curled as well. This will make it harder for the expert to place the extensions. Eye cream and oily skin care products should also be avoided. They may interfere with the glue used for the extensions and hence the final result will not be that great.

Be patient

One of the things that you need to know in advance is that the application of eyelash extensions takes time. You need to be prepared to stand still and with your eyes closed for two or three hours depending on the amount of lashes that you get. It is quite hard but absolutely necessary. And of course, the final result is totally worth it.

The first 24 hours are critical

Once your eyelash extensions are ready, your stylist will give you tons of advice how to maintain them and what to avoid. Note that the first 12-24 hours after the application are the most important. Avoid steam, showers or swimming pools – the moisture may ruin the adhesive. It is also better to avoid sweating if possible and using face products. You will feel a bit weird initially with the new additions, however you won’t feel your eyelids and heavy and you will get used to them pretty soon. Generally, eyelash extensions are much more comfortable to wear compared to false eyelashes.

Maintenance tips

There are several maintenance tips that you need to follow in order to enjoy your eyelash extensions longer:

  • You need to comb them – use disposable mascara wands to comb through your eyelashes the same way you would if applying mascara. It will help clean them from debris and also put them in order as they tend to get a bit messy after a shower or getting out of bed.
  • Sleep on your back – if you sleep on your side or on your stomach you may crash the extensions.
  • Avoid mascara and lash curlers – if you want to enjoy your eyelash extensions longer – do less. Do not use mascara, especially waterproof one as it is very hard to remove. Curlers are also banned as they can damage the extensions and lead to breakage.
  • Use makeup remover wipes – if you decide to use eyeliner or shades on your eyes it is better to opt for makeup remover wipes. Stay away from any oily products as they will ruin the adhesive.
  • Go for regular refills – your natural eyelashes fall and so will the extensions attached to them. If you want to maintain the glamorous look visit your saloon regularly for a refill.

Visit a professional for any changes you want including removal

It is natural that you will visit the saloon if you want your extensions to be redone or a few have fallen and you need them replaced. However, if you have decided that you are tired of the extensions and want to remove them, don’t try to pick them up yourself. You will end up destroying your natural eyelashes. Visit the expert who has placed the extensions and have them removed. The other option is to wait them to naturally fall-off.

Be careful! You will get addicted!

There is one thing that you need to be warned about before having your first eyelash extensions and that is that you will most probably get addicted to them. The look is so natural and yet mesmerizing that you will end up getting used to it. Your natural lashes will appear less long or denser than they used to be (it is just the optical illusion, not an actual result of the application of extensions). What is more, there are variety of designs, lengths, thickness and level of curliness that you will want to try them all.

Now, you are aware what to expect before you go to the salon to get your first eyelash extensions and how to treat them afterwards. If you have any other questions or you need a consultation, you can schedule an appointment with our experts by simply contacting us.