Why Lash Extension Training Matters

Taking eyelash extension classes in Chicago is a great way to enhance your beauty skills. Have you been looking for a way to make more money? How you learn to do eyelashes really matters. Are you already an established stylist, esthetician and are considering also offering eyelash extension services to your clients? Do you own or operate a salon or spa and want to get lash extension training for your staff who are already licensed beauty professionals? 

Research Lash Extension Training

Becoming a certified eyelash extension professional can be very lucrative and fun! Not only will you get to make your clients feel and look even more beautiful-but you’ll also get paid for doing it. If you’re considering lash extension training there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Namely, eyelashes classes should be taken seriously. 

Lash Extension Training Requires Having Good Instructors

There are people who are always looking for an easy or cheap way out, but the truth is, eyelash extensions are services that require skill, precision, patience, and caution. Picking between the right eyelashes classes is imperative. Without the proper training, you can accidentally glue your client’s eyes shut, you can rip off your client’s eyelashes, or you can infect your client by using improperly sterilized tweezers.  

Taking eyelashes classes enhances your career.

When you begin searching at lash extension training prices, you will find a whole lot of them. Some will be in-person, some will be online, and some will be through DVD. The only problem with this is that you may get confused trying to find the right one for you. Completing your eyelashes training online or through DVD may seem like a great idea, especially since it can be done on your own time, but when you don’t understand something or have trouble getting the technique down right you’ll have no one to ask or help you. The truth is, clients want certified eyelash extension technicians, not just someone who watched the service being done and decided to give it a try. Opt for an in-person training so that you can learn from real professional eyelash extension technicians who can teach you how to do the service and the best techniques that currently exist. It’s always important to learn the requirements needed to apply individual eyelash extension licensing for each state. 

Getting Certified By a Reputable Eyelashes Company is Important

Companies that promise to make you into an eyelash extension technician through online videos and DVDs are simply wasting your time and money. Good eyelashes classes means being shown by someone who understands the industry. No salon would rent a station to you and no client would want the service done by you if they know that you did not get trained by a respectable and reputable company. You need a company that will offer easy-to-follow instructions, is known for providing high-quality training, and follows the appropriate health and safety regulations. Online and DVD programs are offered by companies that just want to take your money. In-person training programs will not only get you certified, they offer continued educational classes so that you can continue enhancing your skills.

By taking all of the above into consideration, you’ll be able to find a program better suited for your goals. Obviously, if you’re looking to make money you’ll want to be certified by a company that you can be proud of. No matter what state you live in, there is likely a salon or spa that offers in-person eyelash extension training. When you find a company you would really like to train at, be sure to do a Google search to make sure the company is not known for scamming individuals out of their money. This will ensure you do not do business with companies that will scam you.

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Why Get Your Professional Lash Extension Training From Chicago Lashes?

You’ll be trained by a real professional lash extension technician in Chicago. Our technicians are trained and highly-experienced so they can teach you the right eyelash extension techniques. Upon completion of training, you will receive a certification, which you can use to rent a space at a spa or salon and provide your services to new clients. Here are a few more benefits of taking eyelash classes:

  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Make More Money
  • Get New Clients.

If you’re interested in getting professional eyelash extensions training, please go to our Chicago Lashes Eyelash Extension Training page.