Xtreme Lashes Review, by Chicago Lash Artist

I wanted to offer some brief reviews and observations based on my experience with enhancements by Xtreme Lashes brand.

A few years ago, when I was strictly sticking to makeup, I had my first enhancements from a girl certified by Xtreme Lashes. I have to say that their company uses high quality synthetic lashes, adhesives and products. Since their inception, lots of other designer companies have started up, all of which generally get their stuff from whole sale providers.

How Are They Better?

In my humble opinion, what makes Xtreme Lashes so unique is their technique for applying extensions. During their extensive training seminars, students must learn how put on bottom lashes, as well as create layers. Xtreme also places a high emphasis on keeping equipment and the work area sanitary. Ensuring eyelash tweezers, mascara, and tools are safe is absolutely crucial when you’re working near clients eyes. I applaud them for bringing this point home. There are many talented men and women working in salons right now, that haven’t yet learned the importance of working with sterile equipment.

I’m also really impressed with Xtreme Lashes marketing efforts in Chicago. Their videos and advertisements are beautifully created and go a long way to educate others about the lash extensions process.

One thing I would suggest is to look around when choosing a place to get false eyelashes. There are dozens of professional eyelash artists out there that buy their lashes from same places as the big names in the industry, such as Extreme, Nova Lash and Lavish Lashes. At the end of the day, it’s more about experience and craftsmanship than anything else.

Personal Experience

All in All, I give Extreme Lashes two thumbs up for quality of lashes, technique and service. I myself am certified by Lavish Lashes, but you will find that most of the leading lash enhancement companies require rigorus training.

I use premium grade lashes that literally come from the same places that many major cosmetic companies use.  A lot of women contact Chicago Lashes and ask, “How much does it cost for eyelash extensions?” Costs can vary significantly, depending on where you choose to go. I’ve seen some spas charge between $250-400.  My fees are very reasonable, usually under $150.

If you would like more information about different styles, call Chicago Lashes for eyelash extensions today. We can give you beautiful, thick, and long lashes at discount prices through out the year.  Hope you enjoyed my observations and feel free to visit the Xtreme Lashes website for more in depth details.

Written by, Chicago Lashes Artist